Temple of Mary


The Temple of Mary is dedicated to The Path of Love

in the mystery tradition of

esoteric Christianity and the Bridal Chamber mysteries

and Tantra as contained in the Kaballah, Siddha Yoga and the

ancient Christian Temple Mysteries. 

 The Sacred Marriage takes place in the Temple of the Heart.

We travel through the seven veils or gates in order

for the Way to be opened up and for the

Mother Ray to burn brightly in the Chalice.


The Sacred Marriage takes place between Logos,

the intellect, enlightenment, knowledge


Lady Wisdom, Sophia, she who is

one with unconditional love and compassion and who

weaves her spirit in this world through our actions.


Knowledge alone will not gain you entry into

the Temple of Heart, the Kingdom of God.


Initiates of the Temple of Mary are Bhakta (devotees to the principle of Divine Love) and Flamekeepers (serving  The Temple of Mary). Initiates are guided by the Temple and Vision Keeper Sri Hettienne Ma Bhakty Maria .


An awareness of the Presence of a divine feminine consciousness is arising in collective humanity. Feminine and masculine do not refer to gender, but to the active and receptive principles. Millennia of patriarchy (the father principle) and church teachings have suppressed men and women and the feminine principle and many have suffered and many are still suffering because of our imbalanced society and the general hardening of hearts. And the suffering is not gender exclusive. All of humanity, the Earth and her creatures are suffering because of the suppression of the feminine and the loss of compassion and empathy that comes with it.

 We honour the embodiment of the Divine in the mythical, the mystical and the ordinary.


We honour Mary the Virgin, the Bride, the Mother and the Wise Woman. We honour Mary as feminine embodiment of the Cosmic Christ as Jesus is the masculine embodiment of the Cosmic Christ. We honour the Virgin Mother who gives birth to the Sun; the Holy Rose Queen of Love and the blessed Divine Empress, Lady of Light, the Black Madonna. We honour Mary Magdalene as an aspect of Mary, the hidden Mary in the shadows and Her sacred relationship with Yeshua (the historical Jesus) which sanctifies sexual human relationships and elevates the relationship with the Beloved to the sacred Union. The feminine and masculine counterparts are restored to equality and unity and the Christ principle embodied through both God/dess’ sons and daughters.


The path of The Temple of Mary is a bridge between feminine and masculine, head and heart, between the Light of the East and the Light of the West – all placed at Her feet, the Great Shekinah, the Beloved manifesting as us.


The Temple of Mary does not subscribe to any religion or cultural tradition. We subscribe to the religion of the soul and the gnosis that ‘God’ (as term for the Absolute and Unchanging nature of Reality) resides in each and every soul.


Via Maria, the way of the Temple of Mary, follows the principle of Tantra or Bridal Mysticism where the Soul and Her divine Beloved, are seen as Brother and Sister, Mother and Son, Father and Daughter,  Lover and Beloved, Bride and Groom. The alchemical marriage takes place within the initiate and the golden child within (the Christ within) is born through Divine Grace.

The tradition of the Temple of Mary is based on spiritual discipline, mantra, diksha, meditation, forgiveness and service to others.

"The Madonna of course also includes what can be born out of the human soul : the true higher being slumbering in every human being, that which is best in us and flows and weaves through the world as spirit' - Rudolph Steiner